on the Banks of the Leie River

Style and Class

on the Banks of the Leie River

Team l'ombre was entrusted with this stunning project in the heart of Kortrijk, where two penthouse apartments merged into one. Handcrafted artistry intermingles with minimalist architecture, complemented by panoramic views of the historic city center, offering pure enjoyment in style.

When the interior architect from "Frank Tack" unveiled the plans during the presentation of this project at l'ombre's showroom in Pittem, it became immediately apparent that this would be a truly exceptional endeavor.

Merging two penthouse apartments seamlessly, without compromising the sense of individuality, was no small feat. The thoughtful interior design and subtle lighting accents were selected by the l'ombre team with careful consideration and respect for each element.

The result is a feeling of elegance and sophistication, providing a unique experience in the heart of Kortrijk.

On the construction site, the reality appeared less promising than the vibrant plan that was unveiled in the showroom, as shared by the project manager of l'ombre.

A myriad of technical problems and limitations arose, but after a thorough analysis of the situation, the necessary instructions were provided to all parties involved. The work commenced, and the contractors savored the aroma of fresh coffee wafting from numerous coffee bars in the center of Kortrijk.

An intelligent control system and state-of-the-art LED technology were implemented to ensure the client's maximum enjoyment of the lighting installation.

Given the complexity of certain situations, the client opted to rely on the specialized installation services of Team l'ombre.

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