Harmony and Beauty


In the middle of the Aalterse forests, team l'ombre realized the lighting installation of this unique project, combining high-quality materials and authentic craftsmanship in harmony. The surrounding woods create a unique play of shadows over the entire house as the first rays of sunlight begin to shine, and as night falls, you can enjoy the varied lighting installation that transports you into a dream in every room.

Team l'ombre came into contact with the owners of this project when the first phase had already been completed, the wiring was already installed, and the paint cans had been delivered by the painter.

At that time, the client was still unsure about the style of lighting fixtures offered by their installer. However, upon visiting the showroom of l'ombre exclusive lighting, it quickly became evident that l'ombre products were a perfect match for this beautiful project.

A positive dynamic and trust between the client and the l'ombre team formed the basis of this collaboration.

Due to time constraints and the need for peace of mind, the client chose to rely on the specialized installation service of l'ombre for the installation of the fixtures.

The result was a strong and atmospheric final outcome!

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