Flemish Ardennes

Breathtaking and enchanting

Flemish Ardennes

In the heart of the Flemish Ardennes, atop a hill, this stunning villa emerged. The tranquility is palpable, the silence audible, and the panoramic views breathtaking. The large volumes and high ceilings provide numerous possibilities, which l'ombre eagerly utilized to finish each space with characterful lighting fixtures.

When the homeowners contacted l'ombre's lighting designers, it became apparent that the cables had already been installed without a prior lighting plan. In accordance with the client's preferences, some last-minute changes were made, while in other areas where modifications were no longer possible, l'ombre's Cooper surface-mounted conduit system provided a solution. For instance, the light fixture in the kitchen was transformed from a single central light point to five pendant lamps from the Ceramic Pure line, with two additional spotlights at the ends to address a lack of lighting for the cabinet wall.

Thanks to the high ceilings, these and other lighting concepts truly shine in this breathtaking villa.

Warm and grateful are the words that best describe every discussion and meeting with the homeowners of this project. Team l'ombre was entrusted with their full confidence. Each space was meticulously examined, taking into account every detail, as the quote gradually took shape, considering the existing wiring and drilled holes.

Given the complexity of certain concepts and the necessary customization on-site, the client chose to rely on l'ombre's specialized installation service for the placement of the lighting fixtures.

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