amidst seashells and sand

Cozy and inviting

amidst seashells and sand

Within walking distance of the sea, team l'ombre had the honor of providing the lighting for this exceptional project. Thoughtful attention was given to placing the right atmospheric accents.

The beauty of the house and its surroundings were accentuated with the appropriate indoor and outdoor lighting.

Team l'ombre came into contact with the owners of this project in the early stages.

The client insisted on discussing and deciding every detail before the installer began placing the cables and drilling holes. Therefore, ample time was taken during the initial discussions to go through each room and thoroughly understand the client's concerns and preferences.

A positive dynamic and trust between the client and the l'ombre team formed the foundation of this collaboration. In close consultation with all parties involved, the right authentic light fixtures were selected for each room.

The result is a strong and atmospheric final outcome!

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