Playful and rugged


In the middle of the Westhoek, an old barn transformed into an idyllic space for parties with friends and family. Team l'ombre had the honor of providing the lighting for this unique project. The right atmospheric accents were carefully placed, with attention to functionality. A versatile space for a wide range of celebrations requires a thoughtful approach.

If desired, the garage can be connected to the party area via a sliding door. The lighting is tailored accordingly, and there is no difference in finishing between both spaces, which is definitely an added value.

Interior architect Daphne Callemyn from Artique Interior provided an initial concept for the lighting of this project.

For the concrete implementation, a detailed quote was prepared based on the preliminary design.

The Odette Autour fixtures, located centrally in the open ridge, are available in various sizes and were carefully selected to suit the space.

With the Cooper system from l'ombre, pipes can be stylishly mounted on the ceiling in surface-mounted fashion. Using a Cooper box, spotlights can be installed on this network of pipes.

The result is stylish and rugged, perfect for this type of unique experiential spaces.

Artique Interior - Daphne Callemeyn

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